Gas Cylinder Storage & Handling

Many industries handle compressed gas cylinders. Without the right cylinder storage and handling equipment, these containers pose serious safety risks. If a gas cylinder simply falls, it can cause great damage or injury, and if one explodes, the situation can be even worse.

Heavy-duty storage and transport equipment can help you avoid the costly damage of a major accident by safely securing your gas cylinders.

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Well-Designed Gas Cylinder Storage and Handling Equipment Prevents Accidents

Industrial compressed gas cylinders can explode, fall with crushing force, or even blast through a room. The gas contained inside may also be flammable, poisonous, corrosive, or a combination of these hazards. Due to the many risks and the cumbersome shape and size of these containers, it is vital to use caution and follow protocol when handling, transporting, and storing them, as required by the Compressed Gas Association.

BHS manufactures gas cylinder storage and handling equipment from heavy-duty welded steel which is finished with a protective powder coating. The range of models offer storage solutions that are forkliftable, and can be used indoors or outdoors. Restraints are provided on vertical storage units to secure cylinders. Cylinder storage cabinets and lockers are also padlockable, providing protection from unauthorized handling.

Choose From Versatile Gas Cylinder Storage and Handling Options

BHS offers three product categories for transporting and storing gas cylinders. Within each category are multiple models that address the needs of different operations.

The Cylinder Storehouse has a heavy-duty steel frame covered with thick-gauge expanded metal. This construction gives maximum security without sacrificing visibility or airflow (which guards against leak hazards). The unit can be padlocked, and fork pockets give the storehouse extra mobility.

Cylinder Transporters come in three different models of varying sizes. All models have a heavy-duty welded steel frame for maximum durability. Retainer bars are hinged and pin-secured to hold cylinders securely while allowing for a quick release. All models have two swivel casters with brakes and two rigid casters.

Cylinder Transport Cages are designed to transport small industrial gas cylinders, like propane or propylene. Thick-gauge expanded metal covers the roof, walls, and door and provides visibility and ventilation, while keeping loads safely in place. Three models offer various capacities, but all have two-way fork pockets as well as two swivel and two rigid casters. Door hinges are welded and can be padlocked for maximum security.

Learn More About BHS Cylinder Transport and Storage Equipment

BHS offers a variety of options for all of your cylinder transport and storage needs. Download a detailed PDF above to learn more or call our sales staff at 1.800.BHS.9500. Safe cylinder handling is mandatory, but it doesn’t have to be difficult.

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