Safety Alarms & Response

Warehouse safety equipment protects employees by preventing the accumulation of hazardous gasses and alerting personnel when dangerous conditions arise. BHS manufactures its safety equipment with the goals of keeping staff safe and warehouses in compliance with OSHA regulations.

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BHS Warehouse Safety Equipment Protects Staff and Property

Warehouse safety equipment is essential for protecting staff. Good safety equipment prevents dangerous conditions from arising and equips staff to deal with adverse conditions that are already present.

Because hydrogen accumulates during battery charging, battery rooms must have a reliable system for detecting and dispersing the flammable gas before it builds up to a hazardous level. The BHS Hydrogen Exhaust Fan Kit detects rising hydrogen levels, warns personnel of the situation, and ventilates the dangerous gas before it can do real damage.

Carbon monoxide and fires are potential dangers anywhere that combustion occurs. BHS offers a two-in-one Carbon Monoxide & Smoke Detector that will warn your employees of imminent danger before it’s too late to take action. Round out your safety arsenal with an ABC Fire Extinguisher & Cabinet. This versatile extinguisher can handle all types of fires, and comes with a protective cabinet to protect the device from dirt and debris.

Learn More About BHS Warehouse Safety Equipment

Invest in BHS warehouse safety equipment to keep staff and property protected from virtually any danger. Contact our sales team at 1.800.BHS.9500 to learn more about how BHS warehouse safety equipment can protect your operation.

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