Forklift Charger Stands

Charger stands from BHS safely store forklift battery chargers, protecting these investments while ensuring quick, convenient access to charging cables. All BHS charger stands feature heavy duty steel construction, pre-drilled mounting points, and an acid-resistant powder coating.

Choose between single-unit Charger Stands, Multi-Tier Charger Stands, and a variety of stands for wall-mount battery chargers. Whether a facility uses a centralized battery room or opportunity charge stations at key locations, BHS offers a durable solution for protecting chargers.

Accessories include pogo stick Cable Retractors, Heavy Duty Cable Retractors, and Magnetic Cable Mounts to keep charger cables out of lift truck paths. Multi-Tier Charger Stands provide vertical storage for high-volume battery rooms, limiting the charging area’s footprint to leave more space for direct revenue-generating activities. Pre-cut charger anchoring slots and floor-mounting holes allow for quick installation, while securing assets for greater protection in the long term.

Call the BHS sales team at 1.800.BHS.9500 to find a dealer near you.

Charger Stands for Battery Rooms and Opportunity Charging

BHS provides storage solutions for all common models of battery charger. Wall-mount chargers remain safely out of forklift travel paths thanks to Charger Stand Kits (Single, Dual, or Quad), while Vertical Charger Stands protect vertical-mount chargers. These units are ideal for park & charge applications or any facility that provides distributed opportunity charge points.

Charger Stands, Multi-Tier Charger Stands, and Charger Wall Brackets support most other types of forklift battery chargers, with a shelf capacities that range between 400 and 800 pounds. These units fit neatly into existing battery rooms but can be altered to fit unconventional spaces. They’re also ideal for brand new forklift battery rooms. Fully custom-built models are available to match any remaining requirements. Units are pre-drilled for Cable Retractors, which create a safe, convenient connection to batteries.

OSHA-Compliant Forklift Battery Charger Stands

All models of BHS charger stands help facilities remain compliant with two OSHA regulations: 29 CFR 1910.178(g)(2) and OSHA 1926.441(b)(2). These standards require employers to install specific protections for battery chargers and cables. Standard 1910.178(g)(2) states that “facilities shall be provided...for protecting charging apparatus from damage by trucks, while 1926.441(b)(2) requires “charging apparatus” to be “protected from damage by trucks.

Securing chargers on anchored stands can help them avoid or withstand a forklift impact, while Cable Retractors control charger cables for worry-free cable management. All BHS charger stands are built for industrial environments, with welded steel construction and multiple anchors.

Cable Management Accessories for Forklift Charger Stands

Disorganized charger cables can lead to damage and slow down the process of connecting a battery to the charger. Cable Retractors keep charger cables safely out of the way of lift trucks, and extend on demand to quickly connect to batteries. Browse the BHS collection of cable management products here.

For more information about forklift battery charger stands and accessories — or to find a dealer near you — call the BHS sales team at 1.800.BHS.9500.

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