Utility Equipment

Utility Equipment for Electricians and City Workers

Electricians and other residential maintenance staff face unique access challenges that traditional equipment does not necessarily address. They might have to enter utility trenches, climb utility poles, or otherwise access cramped and awkward spaces in order to complete their vital work.

Utility trenches feature a variety of covers. These covers must be load-bearing, sometimes even for heavy equipment. That means they weigh far more than is safe for workers to lift manually.

Traditional trench cover lifters are not always up to the task. A manhole cover hook still places great strain on muscles, tendons, and bones. Many lid lifters grasp panels at the edges, making them difficult or impossible to use for utility trenches with flush covers.

BHS, Inc. designed Trench Lid Lifters with scissor pins specifically for trench panels that rely on lifting holes, although they’re equally effective for grate-style coverings. Learn more by visiting our Trench Lid Lifter page below.

Utility equipment from BHS, Inc. is always customizable. Contact the sales team at 1.800.BHS.9500 to discuss specifications and requirements.

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