Forklift Battery Maintenance

Forklift batteries are complex, valuable assets. It pays to take good care of them. Regular maintenance extends battery lifespans while improving performance. The benefits of proper battery maintenance include lower costs, higher operational efficiency, and a more successful material handling operation overall.

Forklift Battery Maintenance solutions from BHS simplify or even automate the upkeep that keeps batteries running smoothly. Explore the collection below, or call the BHS sales team at 1.800.BHS.9500 for custom assistance.

Forklift Battery Maintenance Selection Guide

Battery Wash Equipment

Electrolyte build-up can reduce battery capacity and corrode terminals. Regular washing is the solution, and this equipment makes the process simple.

Battery Wash Cabinets

Automate battery washes with a fully enclosed comprehensive cleaning system.

Mobile Wash Stations

Contain overspray and wastewater in a portable, self-contained wash compartment — including models with integrated water tanks.

Roller Wash Stations

Spark-proof, poly-sleeved rollers simplify battery transfer into a protective washing station.

Hardwood Wash Stations

Waterproof, acid-resistant polyethylene decking supports batteries in Gantry Crane systems during manual washes.

Wastewater Treatment Equipment

Battery wash water contains acid and other contaminants; the EPA considers it hazardous waste. Wastewater treatment solutions from BHS allow you to dispose of this waste safely and legally.

Recirculation/Neutralization Systems

Collect, filter, and recirculate battery wash water in a closed-loop system.

Wastewater Recycling Systems

Process wastewater on-site for safe disposal in compliance with EPA regulations.

Battery Watering Devices

Electrolyte requires regular watering to avoid damage to battery cells. Here’s what you need to keep battery water levels optimized across the fleet.

Battery Watering Devices

From manual watering with carts and a specialized nozzle to full watering automation, BHS Battery Watering Devices reduce time spent on essential maintenance tasks. 

Cleaning Equipment

Protect equipment by cleaning battery room infrastructure — including batteries — with acid-neutralizing products.

Equipment Cleaning Kit

Get everything you need to neutralize acid build-up on batteries, stands, and handling equipment.

Integrating Battery Maintenance Equipment in the Battery Room

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s safety standards, “Battery charging installations shall be located in areas designated for that purpose” (1910.178[g][1]). Ideally, facilities store battery maintenance systems in this area, the battery room. The less time you spend transporting batteries for maintenance tasks, the more efficient your operation becomes.

Maintenance equipment from BHS, Inc. is designed to fit neatly into existing battery room infrastructure. Place a Battery Wash Cabinet at the end of a System Stand for battery transport via Operator Aboard Battery Extractor — the same battery handling machine you use for change-outs. Connect your Wash Cabinet to a Recirculation/Neutralization System to reduce costs on hazardous waste disposal. Or choose a Wastewater Recycling System to completely eliminate those costs. Add an Integrated Watering System to battery stands for fully automated watering, eliminating time-consuming manual work. All of these solutions are designed to integrate with broader battery handling systems.  

When Battery Maintenance Equipment is built into the battery room, it’s faster and easier to maintain batteries properly. That leads to longer service life for batteries and measurable bottom-line benefits.

The experts at BHS, Inc. can help you optimize your battery handling operation — or build a more efficient battery room from scratch — including essential maintenance tasks. Contact the BHS sales team at 1.800.BHS.9500 to discuss the options.

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