Wire & Cable Handling

Wire and Cable Handling, Cable Management, and Reel Handling Solutions

At every step along the electrical supply chain, users must handle cable, wire, and other spooled materials. Cable-handling equipment from BHS simplifies this mission-critical task. The following products provide compact storage, ergonomic transport, and smooth payout for cable and its counterparts, on the reel or off.

Some of these cable-management solutions are optimized for suppliers, providing value-added services like custom paralleling and returnable steel reels for buyers. Others improve safety and productivity at the install site, where they help electricians transport materials and complete successful cable pulls with significantly less manual exertion.

Call the BHS sales team at 1.800.BHS.9500 to learn more about the entire line of cable-management equipment, as well as other material-handling solutions for the electrical industry.

Turnkey Cable Handling Systems for Providers of Cable and Wire Products

Together, Spool Winding Trolleys, Parallel Reel Payouts, and Reel Handler Attachments provide a complete system for handling cable at supply houses or in the field. Add Wire Pull Carts and Wire Coil Carts for even more material-handling flexibility.

Providers of wire and cable products can use Spool Winding Trolleys and Parallel Reel Payouts to fill complex orders quickly and precisely, while minimizing the risk of workplace injury. Here are a few such scenarios:

  • The Spool Winding Trolley pays out multiple cables to a single take-up reel, with one cable designated as the counter line. When electricians order a custom-paralleled returnable reel filled with equal lengths of three cables, then, users start by placing the appropriate reel on the Reel Stand.
  • Users then lead designated cables from storage drums onto the take-up reel and turn on the SWT; when the counter reflects the full order in linear feet, the spool is ready for delivery to the client.
  • Parallel Reel Payouts support any combination of fixed and free-spinning reels, with end-flanges alone or multiple compartments per unit. With the SWT, users can fill three independent take-up reels with cable at once. This allows users to fill three separate orders or a single order of three discrete products, depending on the situation.
  • For clients who prefer to complete their own parallelling during the pull, the SWT can load multiple products onto a single, three-compartment take-up reel. This allows users to pull the three cables in tandem, without repeating the task for each product.

Together, this equipment provides a turnkey solution. Note, however, that each unit within the system is also fully compatible with competitor models. For instance, the Spool Winding Trolley adjusts vertically to match any common axle height, allowing it to fill reels on existing reel stands.

Wire and Cable Management for Construction Electricians

Construction electricians can use similar strategies at prefabrication shops, ensuring quick, easy pulls in the field. Staff begin by loading a Parallel Reel Payout Wagon with precise lengths of up to five cable products. Integrated fork pockets make the unit easy to load onto trucks, while locking pins in the shaft keep products stable during transport.

Thanks to the unit's narrow frame and an ergonomic pivoting handle, electricians can reposition the Wagon wherever they need it at the job site. With preloaded reels and a clear installation plan, the PRW can help to cut job time to the absolute minimum, without any risk increase for staff.

Contact BHS to learn more about electrical material handling equipment for every stakeholder in the electrical supply chain. Call our sales team at 1.800.BHS.9500 today.

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