Electrical Distribution

Remove the tangle of power cables in battery rooms with Electrical Distribution products from BHS. These power distributors provide even, dependable output to forklift battery chargers, maintenance equipment, and Operator Aboard Battery Extractors, all without a dangerous proliferation of cables.

Electrical Distribution solutions are a vital part of any efficient battery charging area. To learn more about which product is right for your facility, call our sales team at 1.800.BHS.9500.

Simplify Electrical Distribution for Battery Rooms and Charging Areas

Traditional battery charger installations run lines from the main panel out to individual chargers, creating a mess of cables and costly add-ons during growth. Charger Power Modules are the solution. They centralize power output for chargers within a single unit, with just one line connecting to the main panel.

Choose between four, six, or eight outlet receptacles to power chargers from a single point. Chargers are easy to connect and disconnect, thanks to simple twist lock plugs. With Charger Power Modules, adding an extra charger is as simple as plugging in a lamp.

For comprehensive power distribution for everything in the battery room, choose the Electrical Distribution System from BHS. This power solution includes battery-stand-mounted track busway with an 800-amp limit. The extruded aluminum housing provides a 100-percent ground path, although users can choose to have a dedicated conductor for grounding installed as well.

Circuit breaker units at even intervals control power to chargers along the System Stands, while a simple joint kit cuts the cost of installation to around a third of traditional arrangements. The Electrical Distribution System is designed to be expandable without major overhaul, so savings accumulate as the system grows.

Every battery room needs a dedicated electrical distribution system. Call 1.800.BHS.9500 to find out more about the advantages that come with Electrical Distribution from BHS.

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