Drip Pans

Drip Pan Kits are essential for a clean and safe battery room. These stainless steel trays fit securely beneath battery stand compartments to contain escaped electrolyte, protecting staff, equipment, and flooring from acid burns.

BHS manufactures a variety of Drip Pans designed to integrate smoothly into BHS Battery Stations and Stands. These products can also be custom-sized for any stand. Contact our sales team at 1.800.BHS.9500 to learn more about Drip Pans or other Battery Room essentials.

Use BHS Drip Pan Kits to Maintain a Safe Battery Room

When forklift batteries boil over, leak, or drain, Drip Pans prevent the acidic electrolyte from spreading through the battery room. This simple but essential function prevents floor damage and sequesters corrosive liquids for easy disposal.

All BHS Drip Pans are corner-formed, not welded, to eliminate corrosion at the seams. BHS manufactures Drip Pans to slide onto rails beneath stands, making them easy to remove for cleaning. Reinstallation is just as simple.

Combine Drip Pans with BHS Absorbents

Battery room managers often use Universal Polypropylene Rolls or AcidSorb Pillows in conjunction with Drip Pans to further simplify cleanup. Universal Polypropylene Rolls come in 30 inch by 150 feet rolls and perform a wide variety of functions, including absorbing acid. They can be easily trimmed to fit your system's drip pans.

AcidSorb Pillows are specially designed to fit into drip pans from the start. These absorbent cushions simultaneously contain and neutralize spills and leaks, allowing for safe disposal. They change color to signify complete neutralization, improving safety in the battery room while requiring minimal attention from staff.

Learn More About BHS Drip Pans

Battery pans are an essential component of any well-equipped battery room. For in-depth descriptions of BHS Drip Pans, click on a product below. To find out which drip pan is best for your warehouse, contact our sales team at 1.800.BHS.9500.

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