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Battery Handling Systems from BHS, Inc.

Whether you depend on a single electric forklift or a fleet of hundreds, you need the same things out of your battery room: safety, efficiency, and dependability. BHS, Inc. provides battery handling systems that check all these boxes and more, for electric forklift fleets of all styles and sizes. We offer everything from electrolyte-resistant Epoxy Flooring to Battery Room Ventilation Systems, plus all the equipment you need in between.

But which BHS battery handling system is right for your operation? Click on the images below for interactive digital tours of two common styles: The Operator Aboard Battery Extractor System and the Carriage System. View a video tour by clicking the WATCH button. Or keep reading for help choosing between the two. (These systems are designed for side-extraction electric forklifts; or vertical battery extraction, find Gantry Cranes here.)

Ready for a more productive forklift fleet? Start in the battery room. Call BHS, Inc. at +1 314 423 2075 to learn more.

Operator Aboard Battery Extractor Systems


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Carriage Systems


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Choosing A Forklift Battery Handling System

At BHS, Inc., we work with our dealers and end-users to identify bottlenecks and design better battery rooms that measurably improve productivity. Contact us to start a conversation about a custom installation. Generally speaking, however, multi-shift facilities with larger fleets typically get the most benefit from Operator Aboard Battery Extractor Systems. For smaller fleets and park & charge applications, a Carriage System may prove more beneficial.

Why? Because the more forklifts you operate, the more battery-changing efficiency affects your facility’s maximum throughput. Even a few minutes’ difference adds up when multiplied across dozens of trucks, three shifts a day, and 365 days per year. Then there’s the question of space: the more of it you spend charging batteries, the less you have for revenue-generating tasks like storage and retrieval. Operator Aboard Battery Extractor Systems provide the greatest combination of vertical space usage and change-out efficiency for large collections of batteries, while Carriage Systems offer naturally smaller footprints for smaller fleets.

Of course, every lift truck fleet is unique. No matter what battery handling challenges you face, BHS, Inc. can help. Contact our sales team at +1 314 423 2075 to discuss your next battery room upgrade with a BHS specialist.