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DR Dock Ramp

Dock Ramp


The Dock Ramp (DR) is a stationary dock-to-ground loading ramp. The gentle slope of the 30’ (9.144 m) long ramp makes navigating forklifts easy while loading and unloading.

  • Designed for standard height loading docks
  • Heavy-duty, all steel construction for added reliability
  • Solid steel approach plates transition to open steel grating for maximum traction and durability
  • 8” (203 mm) high steel curbs
  • Two anchors secure ramp at base where ramp meets ground (not included)
Hand Rails (DR-HR)
Aids pedestrians while walking along ramp
  • DR-8430-16 (84″W x 30’L with 16,000 lb capacity)
  • DR-8430-20 (84″W x 30’L with 20,000 lb capacity)