DR Dock Ramp

Dock Ramps from BHS provide dependable dock-to-ground access for staff and machinery. All-steel construction ensures reliability, even under the heaviest of loads.

BHS Dock Ramps come in 16,000-, 20,000-, or 40,000-pound weight capacities. BHS designed the Dock Ramp to gently slope over its 20- or 30-foot length for simpler, safer forklift navigation.

Solid steel approach plates help absorb impact at the base while open steel grating provides maximum traction on the remainder of the ramp. Eight-inch-high steel curbs guard the sides of the ramp to prevent accidents. BHS Dock Ramps can also be customized with hand rails to aid pedestrians in navigating the ramp.

Dock ramps provide additional points of entry to the receiving area, speeding up packing and unpacking tasks. This all-steel, heavy-duty model is designed for a lifetime of safe, resilient use. Call +1 314 423 2075 to speak to our sales team or to find a local dealer.

  • Designed for standard height loading docks
  • Heavy-duty, all steel construction for added reliability
  • Solid steel approach plates transition to open steel grating for maximum traction and durability
  • 8” (203 mm) high steel curbs
  • Two anchors secure ramp at base where ramp meets ground (not included)
Hand Rails (DR-HR)
Aids pedestrians while walking along ramp
  • DR-8430-16 (84″W x 30’L with 16,000 lb capacity)
  • DR-8430-20 (84″W x 30’L with 20,000 lb capacity)
  • DR-11420-40 (114″W x 20’L with 40,000 lb capacity)