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PMLT Powered Mobile Lift Tables

Powered Mobile Lift Tables


Lift Tables reduce employee injuries by positioning work at a comfortable and ergonomic height to eliminate unnecessary bending, lifting, and other repetitive motions. The Powered Mobile Lift Table (PMLT) effortlessly repositions work with the press of a button. Its two swivel-with-brake and two rigid casters allows this labor-saving machine to travel anywhere it’s needed.

BHS equipped the PMLT with durability features to ensure a long life. Its heavy-duty construction and powder-coat finish help it withstand harsh warehouse environments. An enclosed and protected battery compartment and closed hydraulic circuits ensure years of flawless performance from these mobile lift tables.

Increase productivity while preventing unnecessary strain with the PMLT. Whether the job is pallet loading, product assembly, or order picking, working at an ergonomic height will increase productivity while reducing worker fatigue and strain.

Call +1 314 423 2075 to learn more about Powered Mobile Lift Tables. Our sales team can answer any questions you may have or direct you to a local dealer. As with all BHS products, our sales team is happy to discuss customizations to help our products more directly address your operation’s needs. Call now and find out how BHS products can help your warehouse improve safety and efficiency.

  • Durable powder coat finish with yellow tabletop to improve visibility and safety
  • Heavy-duty, formed steel construction for added reliability
  • Two swivel with brake and two rigid 8” (203 mm) corrosion-resistant urethane casters
  • Angled handle for ease of movement and comfort while traveling with load
  • Maintenance retainers included for locking scissors
  • Durable, long life, steel cam rollers
  • Enclosed and protected battery compartment
  • Closed hydraulic circuit
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Adjustable lowering speed valve
  • 120 V ac automatic, waterproof charger with LED status light indicator, reverse-polarity protection, and 2’ (0.61 m) power cable
  • LED display battery discharge indicator with hour meter
  • Easily accessible up/down toggle switch
  • Dual scissor legs designed for maximum lift height and collapsibility
  • DC motor powered by (1) 12 V dc sealed extended life “maintenance free” battery
  • Equipped with on/off keyswitch and removable key to lock out machine from unauthorized personnel
  • Meets ANSI Standard MH29.1:2012 for Industrial Scissor Lifts and complies with LMPS
Accordion Skirt Guard (PMLT-ASG)*
Encloses underside of lift table, protecting the lift mechanism from dirt and foreign objects
Ball Transfer (PMLT-BT)*
Tabletop attachment utilizes fixed ball transfers to easily maneuver a load or for integration with other handling equipment
Roller Conveyor (PMLT-RC)*
Tabletop attachment utilizes rollers for integration with other handling equipment
Self-Contained Charger (PMLT-CHGR)
Fully enclosed 110 V ac charger
Side Mount Frame for Platform (PMLT-3272)
Mount a 32×72 Platform on the side of your PMLT unit
Standard Frame for Platform (PMLT-4848)
Mount a 48×48 Platform on your PMLT unit
  • PMLT-750 (24″ x 42″ Platform, 750 lb Capacity)
  • PMLT-1200 (24″ x 42″ Platform, 1,200 lb Capacity)
  • PMLTD-750 (Dual Scissors 24″ x 42″ Platform, 750 lb Capacity)
  • PMLTD-1200 (Dual Scissors 24″ x 42″ Platform, 1,200 lb Capacity)