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MMLT Manual Mobile Lift Tables

Manual Mobile Lift Tables


BHS Manual Mobile Lift Tables (MMLT) feature a toggle foot pedal, allowing the operator to lift and position heavy loads with ease. The MMLT Series maximizes productivity by positioning loads at a safe, convenient work height to minimize operator fatigue. The MMLT also provides the mobility to position the unit where it is needed.

  • Durable powder coat finish with yellow tabletop to improve visibility and safety
  • Heavy-duty, formed steel construction for added reliability
  • Two swivel with brake and two rigid 4” (102 mm) corrosion-resistant urethane casters
  • Angled handle with adjustable grip for ease of movement and comfort while traveling with load
  • Maintenance retainers included for locking scissors
  • Durable, long life, steel cam rollers
  • Hydraulic components contained within the lift table for maximum safety, floor space, and convenience
  • Scissor legs designed for maximum lift height and collapsibility
  • Integral foot pedal for ambidextrous operation
  • Meets ANSI Standard MH29.1:2012 for Industrial Scissor Lifts and complies with LMPS
Accordion Skirt Guard (MMLT-ASG)*
Encloses underside of lift table, protecting the lift mechanism from dirt and foreign objects
Ball Transfer (MMLT-BT)*
Tabletop attachment utilizes fixed ball transfers to easily maneuver a load or for integration with other handling equipment
Roller Conveyor (MMLT-RC)*
Tabletop attachment utilizes rollers for integration with other handling equipment
  • MMLT-350 (24″ x 36″ Platform, 350 lb Capacity)
  • MMLT-700 (24″ x 36″ Platform, 700 lb Capacity)
  • MMLT-1200 (24″ x 42″ Platform, 1,200 lb Capacity)