SWT Spool Winding Trolley

Spool Winding Trolley


The BHS Spool Winding Trolley (SWT) saves time and labor during industrial-scale cable management. Position the unit over a BHS Parallel Reel Payout (PRP) or virtually any other reel shaft — an integrated gear-drive assembly raises and lowers the unit to match axle height — and activate the DC-operated motor.

The SWT automatically pays out cables to one or more take-up spools, counting linear footage that passes through a triple-wide encoder wheel. Each revolution pays out 1 foot of cable, ensuring accurate counts and precise order-fulfillment.

The SWT allows electricians and electrical suppliers to pre-load reels with multiple cables in a fraction of the time, reducing ergonomic hazards and providing a dependable ROI. Call our Sales Team at +1 314 423 2075 to learn more about the Spool Winding Trolley and other cable-management innovations from BHS, Inc.

  • Triple-wide encoder wheel, with poly grip and poly roller clamp, feeds the cable while accurately counting linear footage of payout
  • Used to payout multiple cables to the take-up spool while counting a single cable through the counter
  • Slide allows operator to payout in a left/right reversing motion for the highest yield per compartment
  • Individual reel take-up or multiple reels can be linked together to take-up at the same time
  • Adjustable gear drive assembly for use with any axle height
  • Can be used with PRP units with or without casters as well as competitor frames
  • Gear drive can be locked in place for added safety – won’t slip while paying out
  • Counter 1:1 ratio – one revolution = 1 linear foot of cable
  • Counter is angled toward operator for ease of use and is also reversible and resettable
  • Shown with cable feeder box on a slide assembly
  • DC operated with onboard batteries and 120V charger
  • Includes shaft couplings for use with BHS’s PRP shafts and other equipment
  • Includes a template to field modify existing 2” shafts for use with couplings
  • Features wireless start/stop button for easy operation
  • Drive size: 400cc / 23.82 in³ 7.4 HP output
  • Max Torque Output: 3630 lbf-in / 302.5 lb-ft
  • Max Speed: Continuous 155 RPM, Intermittent 195 RPM
  • SWT-400