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Cylinder Storage & Transport Equipment

Industrial compressed gas cylinders can explode, fall with crushing force, or even blast through a room. The gas contained inside may also be flammable, poisonous, corrosive or a combination of these hazards. Due to the many risks and the cumbersome shape and size of these containers, it is vital to use caution and follow protocol when handling, transporting, and storing them, as required by the Compressed Gas Association.

BHS manufactures cylinder storage and transport equipment from heavy-duty welded steel which is finished with a protective powder coating. The range of models offer storage solutions that are forkliftable, and can be used indoors or outdoors. Restraints are provided on vertical storage units to secure cylinders. Cylinder storage cabinets and lockers are also padlockable, providing protection from unauthorized handling.

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Cylinder Storage Cage (CSC)

Cylinder locker equipped with flip-up loading ramp.

Cylinder Transporter (CT)

Safe, efficient material handling for compressed gas cylinders.

Cylinder Transporter Cage (CTC)

Secure storage and transportation for gas tanks.

Cylinder Storehouse (CSH)

Expandable and secure cylinder storage for indoor and outdoor use.

Propane Tugger Trailer (PTT-6)

Simplify LP tank transport and changes.