DMA Dumpmaster™ Bin Tipper

Dumpmaster™ Bin Tipper


Dumpmaster™ Bin Tippers are the ultimate solution for emptying bins and drums weighing up to 660 pounds (300 kilograms) at virtually any height. The tipping action of a Dumpmaster™ is one of the safest, most efficient, and easiest-to-use systems in the world. The Dumpmaster™ is the workhorse of the Simpro line and has been widely used in Australasia for the past 25 years. The unique, safe tipping action keeps bin weight within footprint.

Dumpmaster™ works with popular bin designs, from 32- to 96-gallon (120 to 360 Liter) configurations, without needing adjustments. Custom cradles are available to suit other bin or drum sizes.

This state-of-the-art bin tipper is available with a staggering number of optional features including Stainless Steel Construction, Door-End Controls, a Solar Panel, Operator Guard, and much more.

Contact the BHS sales team at +1 314 423 2075 to find out more or to locate your nearest dealer. Download a comprehensive PDF above for more information about the Dumpmaster™ Bin Tipper.

  • Suits popular bin sizes from 32 gal to 96 gal (120 L to 360 L)
  • 660 lb (300 kg) load capacity
  • Adjustable tipping heights from 47” to 94.5” (1200 mm to 2400 mm)* but can be built economically to any height
  • Duty Cycle: 75 x 200 lb (90 kg) carts per charge; 20 cycles per hour continuous
  • Available with 3-phase or battery power packs; battery-powered tippers have a sealed battery and an industrial-quality ‘float’ charger built in
  • Powerful and reliable hydraulic mechanism
  • Industrial grade galvanized steel frame and cradle with zinc-plated guarding
  • Weight of bin stays within machine footprint throughout tipping cycle to ensure stability
  • Custom cradles available to suit other bins and drums
  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • Simple, weather-proof controls
  • 4” (100 mm) casters, two with brakes

* Tip Height is approximate as it varies by bin being tipped.

Auto-Cycle Operation
Available for mains-powered bin tippers to enable operators to leave the machine to complete the cycle unattended.
Bin Hooks
Secure the tipper to a bin.
Compressed-Air Power
For use in hazardous areas.
Custom Controls
Operator controls can be mounted anywhere on the machine or remotely to suit productivity or safety requirements. Dual-hand controls are also available to prevent the operator from engaging in other interactions.
Custom Designs
Contact us with your specific requirements.
Digital Scales
Platform scales fit under the cradle to enable product to be weighed before tipping.
Foot Guard Panels
Foot guards prevent operators’ feet from going under the machine frame.
Front Panel
A guard panel is available for the front for additional protection. Note this face is normally up against the bin being tipped into.
Left-Hinged Door
On standard Dumpmaster™ models the door is hinged on the right-hand side, but can be hinged on the left if specified at the time of ordering.
PET-G Operator Guard
Unbreakable plastic guarding can be fitted adjacent to operator controls for protection when tipping liquids or harmful materials.
PET-G Cage
Unbreakable plastic guarding panels are available in place of the standard 1” x 1” (25 mm x 25 mm) wire mesh cage.
Safety Standards
Bin tippers can be specified to meet international standards and/or CE regulations for an additional cost, depending on environment, application, and other factors.
Solar Panel (Battery-powered units only)
Battery-powered bin tippers being used outside can be fitted with a solar panel. Depending on the amount of direct sunlight available, up to two tons (1814 kg) can be emptied per day using solar power alone.
Stainless-Steel Construction
Bin tippers are available either partially or completely constructed from high-grade 304 stainless-steel, suitable for hygiene-critical or corrosive environments such as food production or chemical processing. Corrosion-resistant lifting chains and fittings are also available.
Steel Bucket Cradle
Powder coated steel bucket cradle includes adjustable hoop retainer and adjustable packer blocks. Bolted to the main tote cradle plates, the Bucket Cradle accommodates all tubs that fit within 27” wide (686 mm), 24” deep (610 mm), 47” high (1194 mm), including all standard steel drums and BRUTE® Bins.
Swing-Up Locking Door
Instead of the standard side-hinged door, opt for the swing-up door, supported by gas struts and protected by a solenoid operated lock. The door is locked while a bin is lifted or lowered, and the machine cannot run while the door is open.
Tipping Chute
Frame-mounted tipping chute is available for situations where the machine cannot be flush with the bin or hopper. Note the tipping height may need to be increased to accommodate the slope of the chute.
  • DMA1500-B (Adjustable Hydraulic-Powered Heavy-Duty Bin Tipper with maximum 59″ tip height – battery power)
  • DMA2100-B (Adjustable Hydraulic-Powered Heavy-Duty Bin Tipper with maximum 83″ tip height – battery power)
  • DMA2400-B (Adjustable Hydraulic-Powered Heavy-Duty Bin Tipper with maximum 94.5″ tip height – battery power)
  • DMA1500-3 (Adjustable Hydraulic-Powered Heavy-Duty Bin Tipper with maximum 59″ tip height – 3 phase power)
  • DMA2100-3 (Adjustable Hydraulic-Powered Heavy-Duty Bin Tipper with maximum 83″ tip height – 3 phase power)
  • DMA2400-3 (Adjustable Hydraulic-Powered Heavy-Duty Bin Tipper with maximum 94.5″ tip height – 3 phase power)

Note: Tip height is approximate as it varies by the bin being tipped.