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BRVS Battery Room Ventilation System

Battery Room Ventilation System


Lead-acid batteries release hydrogen gas during the charging process. Proper ventilation in the battery room is necessary to ensure potentially dangerous gases are diffused. The BHS Battery Room Ventilation System (BRVS) is designed to detect hydrogen gas at low levels and dissipate the gas to prevent accumulation.

  • Increases battery room safety by monitoring hydrogen levels
  • Improves battery room air quality by exhausting gases produced during battery charge
  • Positive airflow shutoff
  • Remote firefighter’s shutdown capability (recommended per NEC 501)
  • Exhaust damper on each stand ensures even airflow throughout the entire system
  • Spiral steel exhaust pipe for added durability (PVC or other material available upon request)
  • Pipes are mounted to the stands, eliminating both the need to attach to rafters and issues caused by high ceilings
  • Custom designs available to fit all your battery changing requirements
  • A complete BRVS aids in compliance with the following standards: NEC 480.9 Ventilation of Battery Rooms, NEC 501.125. (B), 501.105 (1-3), NFPA 2 Hydrogen Technology Code
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