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Competitor Replacement Battery Extractors

For facility managers who seek the service and dependability of a U.S.-built battery changer from BHS — but don’t want to replace battery room infrastructure — there’s the Competitor Replacement Battery Extractor.

These units fit into existing battery racking systems built by BHS competitors for a smooth and simple transition. To learn more about Competitor Replacement Battery Extractors, call the BHS sales team at 1.800.BHS-9500.

Disclaimer: BHS is not affiliated with Materials Transportation Company (MTC) and MTC does not endorse or sponsor BHS or BHS products.

BHS Quality for Non-BHS Battery Rooms

The Competitor Replacement Battery Extractor is designed to work seamlessly with existing battery rooms built by some of BHS’ competitors, including models that fit into battery rooms with aisle widths of 72 inches.

Like all BHS Battery Extractors, Competitor Replacements feature heavy-duty, all-steel construction with an acid-resistant powder coating. The BHS manufacturing team based in St. Louis, Missouri build Battery Extractors that are designed to stand up to the harsh environment of a forklift battery room.

MTC Direct Replacement Battery Extractors (BE-MT) are built to replace Materials Transportation Company’s “Power Changers” with operator-aboard controls. For an in-depth comparison between BHS Battery Extractors and MTC PCE Power Changers, see our coverage here.

Each Competitor Replacement Battery Extractor goes through the same rigorous quality-assurance regimen as original BHS designs. Skilled BHS technicians test the BE-MT for up to 10 hours of actual run-time. They perform two 108-point inspections. No Battery Extractor leaves the BHS warehouse, located in St. Louis, Missouri, without these intensive quality-assurance tasks.

The result is an American-made all-steel battery changer with a full load capacity of 10,000 pounds and travel speeds of up to 190 feet per minute.

Custom options are also available for Competitor Replacement Battery Extractors. Call the BHS sales team at +1 314 423 2075 to learn more.