3PGC 3 Ton Non-Power Drive Gantry Crane

3 Ton Non-Power Drive Gantry Crane


This 3 Ton Non-Power Drive Gantry Crane has a capacity of 6,000 lb (2722 kg) and is available in five models.

  • Provides for a safe and easy vertical extraction for most standard lift truck batteries
  • Modular design allows for easy system expansion
  • A variety of beam spans and capacities are available for specific applications
  • 8″ (203 mm) swivel casters are standard to allow for easy mobility of the entire gantry crane
  • High 10′ (3 m) under-beam clearance is standard on all units
  • Cable Festoon Kit keeps cables secure during operation of manual trolley
Phenolic Wheel (PGC-PHEN)
Rigid phenolic casters for use with Single Guidance Track (SGT-C3)
12′ Underbeam (PGC-12UB)
For applications requiring 12′ (3.7 m) under beam clearance
Floor Mount (PGC-FM)
Allows for rigid mounting of gantry directly to the floor
  • 3PGC-10
  • 3PGC-12
  • 3PGC-14
  • 3PGC-16
  • 3PGC-18