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EDS Electrical Distribution System

Electrical Distribution System


The BHS Electrical Distribution System (EDS) provides flexible power distribution to all 480-volt, 3-phase components in an Operator Aboard Battery Extractor System, including the Battery Extractor, chargers, and Battery Wash Equipment. The EDS is a stand-mounted, high-density system that is customized using track busway that can be tapped at any location with a simple turn-n-lock connection.

The EDS simplifies the process of powering battery handling equipment by reducing the jumble of cords and providing even, dependable output. Instead of tangled cables and costly add-ons, rely on the EDS to safely power all parts of an Operator Aboard Battery Extractor.

The extruded aluminum housing provides a 100-percent ground path, and a dedicated grounding conductor is also available. An optional safety feature connects the EDS to a BHS Battery Room Ventilation System or Hydrogen Gas Detector to disable chargers in the event of excessive hydrogen gas accumulation.

Every battery room needs a dedicated Electrical Distribution System—trust BHS to provide yours. Contact our sales team at +1 314 423 2075 to learn more about the Electrical Distribution System or other Electrical Distribution options.

  • Easily accommodates modification or expansion
  • Maintenance-free design saves space
  • Eliminates interruptions in power
  • Track Busway consists of four conductors allowing for a maximum capacity of 800 A / 600 V ac or dc
  • Circuit Breaker Units tap off power from Track Busway with unique turn-n-lock “compression fit” connection
  • Optional Charger Shutdown connects to the BHS Battery Room Ventilation System (BRVS) or to a Hydrogen Gas Detector (HGD) in order to disable the chargers in the event of excessive hydrogen gas accumulation
  • Standard short circuit capacity for 50 kA
  • Circuit breaker units available with standard NEMA L16-20 or L16-30 receptacles
  • Extruded aluminum housing provides 100% grounding path, dedicated conductor for ground is also available
  • EDS