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WRS Wastewater Recycling Systems

Wastewater Recycling Systems


The BHS Wastewater Recycling System (WRS) is an automated, single structure, recycling system, providing on-site wastewater management. The WRS treats, filters and processes industrial wastewater to remove hazardous contaminants and particulates, ensuring that the recycled water is clean.

  • Reclaims wastewater at a rate of two gallons per minute
  • Automatic pH adjustment control neutralizes water for removal of hazardous materials
  • Specially formulated reactive separating agent used in flocculation process removes soils, hydrocarbons, metals, etc. from wastewater
  • Sludge generated is non-hazardous, non-leachable, and certified landfill friendly for standard trash disposal
  • Wash water effluent micron filtered both before & after treatment
  • Produces clean, reusable water
  • Visual and audible alarms for operator notification on low supply of paper, flocculent, or caustic
  • Alarm activation disables WRS, preventing untreated water from going down the drain
  • Ozone purification removes bacteria for odor control*
  • Independently lab tested and approved to safely process wastewater while meeting EPA and NJDEP regulations
  • WRS-2-KIT includes wash station transfer pump

* Standard on WRS-1, included on option WRS-MT2

Mobile Tank (WRS-MT)
330 gal (1249 L) Portable tank for transport of wastewater from other locations
Clean Water Holding Tank (WRS-MT2)
330 gal (1249 L) Portable tank stores clean water intended for reuse, and includes recycle module, pressurization pump, and ozone purification
Note: Option available on WRS-2 only
  • WRS-1
  • WRS-2
  • WRS-2-KIT