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RWS Roller Wash Stations

Roller Wash Stations


The BHS Roller Wash Station (RWS) helps keep battery wash water and overspray contained. The RWS comes standard with poly-sleeved rollers for corrosion resistance. The RWS is ideal for use with the BHS Recirculation / Neutralization System (RNS) and is also available in stainless steel.

  • 11.75″ (298 mm) roller height standard
  • 48″ (1219 mm) side panels
  • 4,000 lb (1814 kg) load capacity
  • Spark-proof, poly-sleeved rollers reduce corrosive build-up and extend product life
  • Corrosion resistant sleeved rollers extend the life of the equipment
  • Drain tray is removable for easy cleaning and has 1” (25 mm) NPT coupling
  • Designed as stand-alone or for use with Recirculation / Neutralization System (RNS)
14″ Roller Height (RWS-3-14 / RWS-3-SS-14)
14″ (356 mm) roller height to allow drain tray to be removed when used in an Operator Aboard Battery Extractor System
Fork Pocket (RWS-FP)*
Welded fork pockets for added mobility
Note: 16″ (406 mm) roller height
Stainless Steel Fork Pocket (RWS-FP-SS)
Welded fork pockets for added mobility (available on RWS-3-SS model only)
Note: 16″ (406 mm) roller height

* Not to be used while battery is on RWS

  • RWS-3 (Mild Steel Frame Construction)
  • RWS-3-SS (Stainless Steel Frame Construction)

Note: Custom built models available to meet any specifications