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MWS-47-WT-SS Stainless Steel Mobile Wash Station with Water Tanks

Stainless Steel Mobile Wash Station with Water Tanks


Model MWS-47-WT-SS allows users to wash forklift batteries on-site, regardless of water source or availability of wastewater disposal. The frame, complete with fork pockets, supports a stainless steel MWS-47-SS Mobile Wash Station and integrated, 120 gallon tanks for both clean and used wash water.

The result is a turnkey solution for washing forklift batteries on-site, then hauling away wastewater for EPA-compliant disposal. The clean water tank includes a ball valve with a garden hose adapter that connects with all common power washers, while the wastewater tank features a ball-valve drain.

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  • Complete, self-contained station for washing forklift batteries
  • Allows battery maintenance providers to provide on-site wash service
  • Stainless steel construction offers rugged durability
  • Fork pockets for easy mobility*
  • Multiple anchor points secure equipment during transport or to permanently secure equipment inside facility
  • Friction strips from front to back
  • Poly lead rollers with stainless steel shafts (three rows with two rollers per row)
  • Clear, vinyl drop-in splash curtain
  • 54” (1372 mm) side panel height (measured from top of wash deck)
  • Fold-down side steps to stand on while washing batteries. Steps stow folded up for transport
  • (2) 120 gallon poly water tanks – (1) clean water and (1) wastewater – allowing unit to be self-sufficient
  • Ball valve drain with 1” FNPT connection on waste water tank
  • Ball valve with garden hose adapter for power washer connection on clean water tank
  • Dedicated receptacle for commercial, 120 V electric power washer (not included) with cutout to prevent overflowing of wash water
  • 120 V single phase float switch and sump pump
  • (2) 120 V GFCI duplex receptacles for powering maintenance accessories
  • Built-in storage area below water tanks for power washer and maintenance items
  • 20 ft power cord with plug
  • Custom alterations available

* Not to be used while battery is on MWS

Wastewater Recycling Station Integration (MWS-WT-WRS-TI)
Optional interface to connect MWS station to WRS (wastewater recycling station) to create turnkey battery washing solution.
  • MWS-47-WT-SS (Stainless-steel Mobile Wash Station, Two 120-gallon tanks, sump pump)