BWC-1 Battery Wash Cabinet

Battery Wash Cabinet


Battery Wash Cabinets clean harmful contaminants from a battery’s surface, which extends the life of the battery and reduces electrical problems in lift trucks. This Battery Wash Cabinet model (BWC-1) is equipped with a manual door and gravity feed rollers. The BWC-1 utilizes 120 V single phase power with adjustable timer and allows batteries to drip dry.

Note: Contact Factory for other voltages and frequencies

  • Adjustable wash times for efficient cleaning
  • Stainless steel construction offers rugged durability
  • Low operating cost combined with labor-saving cleaning process saves time and money
  • Adjustable legs to accommodate uneven floors
  • Adjustable water nozzles to accommodate various battery sizes
  • Heavy duty door for industrial applications
Electrolyte Neutralizing Cycle (BWC-NC)
Neutralizing agent injected during wash cycle to neutralize acid residue on battery
  • BWC-1