NAB-2000 Next Available Battery

Next Available Battery


The BHS Next Available Battery (NAB-2000) is an advanced, fully-adaptive monitoring and display system for use with industrial lead-acid battery chargers. The system may be connected to battery charging systems ranging in size from 10 to 500 chargers. By monitoring the charge status of each battery, the NAB-2000 provides a concise, single point display of battery status information. This at-a-glance information makes it possible to keep track of all the batteries in your facility, and to maintain the fullest state of charge in the equipment that uses them.

  • Monitors various battery types (Four battery types can be monitored with a single display. To monitor more than four battery types, Additional Display Boards are required.)
  • First In, First Out (FIFO) battery tracking
  • Eliminates overuse of individual batteries
  • Display unit indicates the location of fully and partially charged batteries (battery locations displayed in order of voltage to help select the battery with the longest time of charge)
  • Displays errors in charging process, such as chargers that never turn on, chargers that shut off without reaching 2.4 V per cell, and chargers that have not shut off after 15 hours
  • 7′ (2.13 m) power cord (120 V ac outlet required)
Alarm Module (NAB-2000-AM)
Warns operator when a battery is selected out of order
Alarm Module & Logging (NAB-2000-AM-LOG)
Warns operators when a battery is selected out of order and logs data for each complete charging cycle
Additional Display Board (NAB-2000-DSPL-BD)
Allows for an additional four battery types to be monitored
Remote Display (NAB-2000-RF-KIT)
Wireless display that can be mounted to an Operator Aboard Battery Extractor
  • NAB-2000