NAB-2000 Next Available Battery

Next Available Battery


The BHS Next Available Battery (NAB-2000) is an advanced, fully-adaptive monitoring and display system for use with industrial lead-acid battery chargers. The system may be connected to battery charging systems ranging in size from 10 to 500 chargers.

By monitoring the charge status of each battery, the NAB-2000 provides a concise, single-point display of battery status information. This at-a-glance information makes it possible to keep track of all the batteries in your facility, which takes the guesswork out of change-outs.

The NAB 2000 uses First In, First Out battery tracking to direct users to the battery which is most fully charged. The system also alerts managers of errors in the charging process (like chargers that haven’t turned on) which can save time and money.

Make your battery room more efficient with the NAB 2000. Contact our sales team at +1 314 423 2075 to learn more about Battery Fleet Management products or to find a local dealer.

  • Monitors various battery types (Four battery types can be monitored with a single display. To monitor more than four battery types, Additional Display Boards are required.)
  • First In, First Out (FIFO) battery tracking
  • Eliminates overuse of individual batteries
  • Display unit indicates the location of fully and partially charged batteries (battery locations displayed in order of voltage to help select the battery with the longest time of charge)
  • Displays errors in charging process, such as chargers that never turn on, chargers that shut off without reaching 2.4 V per cell, and chargers that have not shut off after 15 hours
  • 7′ (2.13 m) power cord (120 V ac outlet required)
Alarm Module (NAB-2000-AM)
Warns operator when a battery is selected out of order
Alarm Module & Logging (NAB-2000-AM-LOG)
Warns operators when a battery is selected out of order and logs data for each complete charging cycle
Additional Display Board (NAB-2000-DSPL-BD)
Allows for an additional four battery types to be monitored
Remote Display (NAB-2000-RF-KIT)
Wireless display that can be mounted to an Operator Aboard Battery Extractor
  • NAB-2000