iBOS Intelligent Battery Organizing System

Intelligent Battery Organizing System


iBOS® is a cost effective battery fleet management system to help operators gain the most out of a battery fleet. iBOS® has three different options to accommodate different battery pool sizes.

  • Reduces battery change out time with fast and few required changes
  • Allows for the most use out of a battery
  • Easily upgradable
  • Helps to identify problems with equipment and battery room
Wireless Display(IBOS-WD)
Display mounts on the charger control panel of a Battery Extractor
Scrolling Display (IBOS-SD)
LED sign which tells operator which battery to select
Note: One display needed per pool
External Shouter (IBOS-ES)
Alerts operator when the wrong battery is selected
External Display (IBOS-DS)
Used to display pools 6 through 9
iBOS World Web Service (IBOS-WWS)
Battery Fleet Controller transmits information to iBOS World Wide Server. Reports can be viewed anywhere by going to iBosworld.com
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