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FLT Fleet Tracker™

Fleet Tracker™


The BHS Fleet Tracker™ is a leading battery fleet management system utilized by corporate managers, battery room supervisors, and Operator Aboard Battery Extractor operators. Fleet Tracker™ uses the latest technology to provide a detailed look into an organization’s battery inventory to help managers reduce maintenance costs, improve profitability, and increase productivity.

  • “First In, First Out” (FIFO) Battery Tracking: tracks each battery and directs the user to the battery that has charged the longest
  • Centralizes data across facilities
  • Reduces battery change-out time
  • Promotes proper maintenance of batteries
  • Easy data entry
  • Minimizes the number of batteries and chargers required to operate
  • Provides real-time battery, charger, and truck listing information
  • Ability to decommission and re-commission batteries easily
  • No hook-up required to batteries and chargers
  • Detailed reports
  • Touch screen computer interface
  • Lightweight bar code scanner
  • Acid resistant barcode labeling system
  • System notifications and on-screen alerts
  • User-defined notes fields
  • Layered security, logins, and activity permissions
  • Fleet Tracker™ can be installed to store information on a wireless network. This allows two Operator Aboard Battery Extractors to share information and track batteries in the same fleet. The reports can also be viewed from a remote computer.
Remote Viewer (FLT-RVS)
Additional licenses of reporting software allow multiple supervisors to view reports at one time
RFID Badge Reader (FLT-RFID-RDR)
Enables operators to log in using existing company RFID badges
Magnetic Strip Badge Reader (FLT-MSRM)
Enables operators to log in using existing company badges with magnetic strips
  • FLT-200
  • FLT-400