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CS-VHK-1 Single Charger Stand Kit

Single Charger Stand Kit


The BHS Single Charger Stand Kit (CS-VHK-1) provides safe, dependable, and compact storage for one forklift battery charger. The heavy duty steel stand bolts securely to the floor, allowing users to position chargers anywhere in the facility. This is ideal for park & charge applications.

Place Single Charger Stands outside break rooms and exits for convenient opportunity charging. These steel, powder-coated units hold chargers off the ground, reducing the risk of forklift strikes. This helps to comply with OSHA standards including:

  • 1910.178(g)(2), which requires features for “protecting charging apparatus from damage by trucks.”
  • 1926.441(b)(2), which states that “charging apparatus shall be protected from damage by trucks.”

The Kit includes the stand, floor anchors, short crossbars to stabilize chargers, and all hardware required for installation, as well as a pogo stick-style Cable Retractor that mounts directly to the frame.

Each Single Charger Stand Kit comes with a choice of charger cable management. Cable Retractors use a heavy-duty spring with safety chain and a cable clamp to keep cables off the floor. The alternate option, Magnetic Cable Mounts, mount to any flat, ferrous metallic surface, like a charger stand.

This product supports a single battery charger; to mount more chargers per stand, see the BHS Dual Charger Stand Kit or the BHS Quad Charger Stand Kit. Call the BHS sales team at+1 314 423 2075 to find your nearest dealer.

  • Secure storage for a single wall-mount forklift battery charger
  • Compact design with a narrow footprint to fit in small spaces
  • Ideal for opportunity charge and park & charge applications
  • Powder coating resists damage from battery electrolyte, scratches, and impacts
  • Heavy duty construction for added reliability
  • Stand anchors securely to the floor
  • Fully adjustable at any level
  • CS-VHK-1 (includes Cable Retractor)
  • CS-VHK-1-M (includes Magnetic Cable Mount)