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HBS Hardwood Battery Stations

Hardwood Battery Stations


The BHS Hardwood Battery Station is available in a range of models for any application. The HBS comes standard with plastic decking (hardwood decking is available upon request) and charger shelf. Models can be custom-built to any specifications.

Note: Drip Pan Kits are available specific to HBS

  • Heavy duty frame construction for added reliablity
  • Charger shelf standard on all models
  • Decking made of recycled polyethylene is acid resistant, nonconductive and environmentaly friendly
  • Custom-built models made to your specificications
  • 12″ (305 mm) standard height from floor to top of plastic interlay
  • CR-1 Cable Retractor mounting holes
  • SB connector mounting holes
  • Charger shelves come slotted allowing for optional 6″ (152 mm) shelf extension between stands
  • Charger anchoring slots for securing most makes of chargers
  • Drip pans available
  • Dust rail constructed at tapered angle in center of stand preventing accumulation of debris
Wood Interlay (HBS-WI)
Hardwood Decking
Note: Plastic decking is standard
Charger Shelf Rearward (HBS-RWD)
Increases overhead access to the hardwood deck
Charger Shelf Forward (HBS-FWD)
Space saving shelf design for battery rooms where space is limited
Charger Shelf Center (HBS-CTR)
Required for 3-ton systems
Drip Pan Kit (DP)
Contains spills maintaining a more clean and safe environment
Without Charger Shelf (-1)
When ordering, add suffix -1 to model number to indicate HBS without charger shelf
Wood sideways (-WS)
For use with narrow batteries to prevent tipping
Note: Add suffix -WS to model number when ordering
  • HBS-30
  • HBS-42
  • HBS-60
  • HBS-72
  • HBS-84
  • HBS-96
  • HBS-108
  • HBS-120
  • HBS-144