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HEF-KIT Hydrogen Exhaust Fan Kit

Hydrogen Exhaust Fan Kit


The BHS Hydrogen Exhaust Fan Kit (HEF-KIT) monitors hydrogen gas levels, activating operating alarms and ventilation fans when necessary to exhaust gases. The HEF-KIT is intended for use in battery charging rooms and other areas where hydrogen gas may be present.

  • Continuous monitoring of hydrogen gas levels
  • Reliable, highly sensitive, highly stable solid state sensor
  • Forced ventilation
  • Positive airflow shutoff
  • Louvered dampers on exterior of fan prevent domestic air from escaping the room while fan is not in operation
  • Remote firefighter’s shutdown capability (recommended per NEC 501)
  • Improve battery room air quality by exhausting gases produced during battery charge
  • Reduce costs with controlled fan operation and prevent unnecessary escape of climate-controlled air
  • A HEF-KIT aids in compliance with the following standards:
    NEC 480.9 Ventilation of Battery Rooms, NEC 501.125. (B), 501.105 (1-3), NFPA 2 Hydrogen Technology Code