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BE-Keytroller Keytroller



The BHS Keytroller option for Operator Aboard Battery Extractor Systems provides a timed lockout until an operator logs in, as well as the ability to schedule maintenance, pre-operation checklists, and operator training.

  • Enable system by manual input of operator code or swipe existing RFID or HID systems
  • Prevents unauthorized Battery Extractor use
  • Automates operator daily checklist
  • Schedules maintenance by date or hour meter reading
  • Event log records incidents for easy viewing
  • Color LCD screen
Keytroller Maintenance Package (BE-KEYTROLLER-MAINT)
The Keytroller Maintenance Package detects excessive system oil pressure, monitors system oil temperature, and monitors impacts to the Battery Extractor via a frame mounted shock sensor. The light stack provides visual alarm when excessive oil temperature or pressure is reached, and also sounds an audible alarm in the event of shock impact to the Battery Extractor carriage. Flagged alarms disable the Battery Extractor until a supervisor re-starts the system. This feature is an additional layer of protection against component failure.