WG-X Water Gun

Avoid the damaging effects from over-filling and under-watering forklift batteries by using a tool that helps accurately fill battery cells. The forklift battery Water Gun (WG-X) is compact, lightweight, and easy to use for watering batteries quickly. The WG-X features an automatic shutoff for added convenience and improved filling accuracy. Attain optimal electrolyte levels without the backache from bending over batteries while hand-watering. The ergonomic WG-X can connect to the Water Deionizer System, a battery watering cart or a standard hose.

  • Ergonomically designed with an easy to squeeze handle and 45 degree nozzle
  • Fast 1.7 gal/min (6.4 L/min) fill speed, delivering a precise flow rate
  • Non-electric, automatic shutoff mechanism
  • Post shutoff drip eliminated
  • Level control collar is pre-positioned to suit most forklift batteries, but can be adjusted with an allen wrench
  • Flow diffuser converts the rapid flow to a gentle spray
  • Built from durable engineered ABS plastic
  • WG-X