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Water Carts & Tanks

BHS supplies a complete line of water carts and tanks to efficiently water industrial lift truck batteries. Click on any of the pages below for more information and product specifications.


10 Gallon Mobile Bladder Tank (BTM-10)

Electricity-free mobile tank pumps water with an internal air bladder.


10 Gallon DC-Powered Watering Cart (WC-HYDRO-DC-KIT)

Mobile cart powered by rechargeable 12V battery. Includes Water Gun.


10 Gallon AC-Powered Watering Cart (WC-HYDRO-10-KIT)

Portable cart with 13-foot power cord. Includes Water Gun.


20 Gallon AC-Powered Watering Cart (WC-HYDRO-20-KIT)

Large cart with retractable 15-foot power cord. Includes Water Gun.


BE Mounted Water Tank (BE-WC-SS)

Sizable tank mounts directly to Operator Aboard Battery Extractors.

Battery Watering and Filling System Tank

Battery Watering and Filling System Tank(FST-330)

330 Gallon Mobile Water Supply with Frame Mounted Pump.