AS AcidSorb

Acidsorb is a granular sorbent that neutralizes and absorbs spilled battery acid (electrolyte) quickly and safely.* AcidSorb provides a visible color change to indicate complete neutralization, is environmentally friendly, and easy to use.

* AcidSorb is not for use on hydrofluoric acid (HF) or compounds containing HF. Personnel should be trained and qualified to clean up hazardous materials. Dispose of in accordance with regulations of local governing bodies.

  • Acid neutralizer with color change indicator
  • Apply AcidSorb around perimeter and over a spill to neutralize
  • Buffered compound reduces the amount of heat generated during neutralization thus minimizing the amount of toxic vapors emitted
  • Complete solidification of all hazardous constituents
  • Environmentally friendly sorbent material will hold onto liquids without release and are normally safe for disposal
  • Helps meet OSHA regulatory requirements
  • AS-2: 2 lb (0.9 kg) in 0.5 gal (2 L) carton
  • AS-20: 20 lb (9 kg) in 5 gal (19 L) pail
  • AS-80: 80 lb (36 kg) in 20 gal (76 L) drum
  • AS-220: 220 lb (100 kg) in 55 gal (208 L) drum