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ASL AcidSafe Liquid

AcidSafe Liquid


AcidSafe Liquid is a heavy-duty de-greaser that neutralizes acid residue and boil-over while cleaning battery terminals and cases. The purple liquid changes color to an orange or yellow when in contact with acids. As it neutralizes, the liquid turns back to purple, indicating a safe, neutral pH range.

  • Acid neutralizer and battery wash spray with color change indicator
  • Neutralizes and indicates safe pH range in one easy step
  • Clean batteries cases and terminals to extend life, reduce charging time, and improve battery reliability and safety
  • Formula cuts thru corrosion for removal with a no-spark brush (brush not included)
  • May be washed off after use
  • May be used to neutralize other acids and acidic spills including hydrofluoric acid (the amount of AcidSafe Liquid required varies greatly with the strength and type of acid being neutralized)
  • Environmentally friendly formula
  • OSHA and UFC compliant
  • ASL-QT (1 qt/32 ox pump spray bottle)
  • ASL-1 (1 gal/3.8 L bottle)
  • ASL-5 (5 gal/18.9 L dispenser cube)
  • ASL-55 (55 gal/208.2 L drum)