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CS-BLB BLB Staging Stand

BLB Staging Stand


This powder-coated steel structure provides a convenient resting place for Battery Lifting Beams and a BHS Fork Attachment when they are not in use. In every warehouse, space comes at a premium, and that’s especially true for battery handling areas. The BLB Staging Stand allows battery room operators to store Lifting Beams in a safe and efficient manner, without taking up too much space.

Lifting Beam Stands are available with heavy-duty casters, which allow operators to position the Lifting Beam beneath the Gantry Crane itself for simplified attachment. CS-BLB provides a simple and ergonomic way to outfit Gantry Cranes to handle forklift batteries.

American Society of Mechanical Engineers standards call for operators of lifting devices to “store the lifter before leaving the lifting device.” These standards also mandate the “storage of the lifter to protect it from danger.” The Forklift Battery Lifting Beam Stand helps to comply with these crucial safety rules, while improving safety and ergonomics in the battery charging area.

Staging Stands position Lifting Beams at around chest-level, providing important ergonomic benefits for staff. They prevent staff from lifting the beam from the ground, which would create a risk for musculoskeletal disorders.

Thanks to its minimal footprint, the Staging Stand also conserves space in the battery room. This frees up square-footage for more revenue-generating tasks, and helps to keep battery change-outs safe and efficient.

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  • Adds safety to the battery room by providing a convenient place to store the BLB and/or FA-6
  • 42” (1067 mm) tall with casters
  • Heavy duty for dependability
  • Aids in the compliance of ASME regulation B30.20-2003
  • CS-BLB