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BHS provides a full line of accessories. These necessary items include safety equipment, fork attachments for battery removal, battery lifting beams, cable retractors, and many others.

Battery Spill Kits (SK)

Fast-acting sanitation for battery electrolyte spills.

Safety Alarms & Response

Reliable detection and response to battery room hazards.

Eye & Safety Stations

OSHA-compliant facilities for flushing eyes and skin.

Battery Lifting Devices

Crane and truck attachments for safe vertical battery extraction.

Cable Management

Secure and organize all battery room cabling.

Hoist Kits

Multi-ton electric chain hoists with manual and powered travel.

Compartment Roller Trays (CRT)

Convert any forklift battery compartment to side extraction.

Structural Barriers (SBR)

Protect staff, buildings, and equipment with steel barriers.

Equipment Cleaning Kit (ECK-4)

Everything required to clean and neutralize battery cases and equipment.

Charger Remote Display (CRD-2000)

Remote tracking for forklift battery states of charge.

Signage & Posting (SP-1)

Clear, easy-to-read signs specifically for forklift battery rooms

Safety Scanner (BE-SICK)

Vehicle-mounted scanner/cut-off trigger to prevent collisions.