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BHS Case Study: Following the Success of Custom Assembly Tables, BHS, Inc. Returns with Packing Solutions

As detailed in our Case Study titled “BHS, Inc. Improves Manufacturing Efficiency with Assembly Work Stations,” the partnership between BHS, forklift dealer Carolina Handling, and end-user Connector Manufacturing had already established the value of BHS material handling integration services. All three stakeholders were pleased with the results of their previous collaboration. That made it an easy decision to reassemble the team when Connector Manufacturing described a second material handling challenge, this one in the shipping room. This project would involve special challenges. Engineers at BHS would not be able to simply supply a product of their own design; the task would require integrating multiple machines from multiple manufacturers into a comprehensive, productivity-boosting system. That system would become a new system… Continue Reading

BHS Case Study: BHS, Inc. Improves Manufacturing Efficiency with Assembly Work Stations

Over four decades, BHS, Inc. has built a reputation for industry-leading material handling equipment. But what really sets the St. Louis-based manufacturer apart is its ability to create custom material handling systems, from the design table through on-site integration. “It’s not just standardized products that we can make, and we don’t want to just be a standard manufacturer because there’s a million of them out there,” said Trent Boothe, the BHS Project Manager who oversaw the projects we discuss below. “We are the company that will manufacture equipment to fit your exact application.” Camp Jennings, Sales Manager at Carolina Handling in Birmingham, Alabama, is an early supporter of BHS’ role as material handling integrator. The forklift dealer maintains an account… Continue Reading

BHS Slashes Change-Out Time as Battery Fleet Doubles at High-Volume Distribution Center

Excellent equipment can only take a battery room so far. To really achieve production gains, operations also need innovative designs, a detailed plan, and smart, effective leadership. BHS Products Discussed in This Case Study Single Level System Stands Reliable storage for forklift batteries and chargers Spark-proof, poly-sleeved rollers Durable steel construction Fully customizable Single Level Battery Extractor Heavy duty all-steel frame No exposed components Vacuum extraction reduces battery wear Dual extractor arm travel shafts for greater strength and stability BHS Battery Room Floors Meets or exceeds American Concrete Institute standards for flatness and levelness Four-layer construction Topcoat resists acid, chemicals, abrasions, and impact Structural Barrier Rails Powerful steel construction resists impacts up to 10,000 pounds at 4 mph Easily adjusted… Continue Reading

BHS Assists Dealer to Dramatically Improve Fortune 500 Company’s Motive Power Capacity

Battery Handling Systems, Inc. (BHS) manufactures high-performance battery room equipment, but they rely on a vast network of dealers to bring that equipment to customers. This partnership has been key to BHS’ growth since the company was founded in 1979. BHS Products Discussed in This Case Study Automatic Transfer Carriages Portable side extraction Completes battery changes in only 3-5 minutes Mounts to existing lift truck, limiting costs Provides immediate battery handling capabilities Battery Roller Stands Heavy duty construction provides quick, reliable storage Spark-proof, poly-sleeved roller bed eases battery movement Standard charger shelf included Drip Pan Kits Contain battery drips and spills, protecting stands and floors Side extraction for easy cleaning Corner-formed, stainless steel construction prevents leakage Can be equipped with… Continue Reading

BHS Wastewater Recycling System (WRS-1) Streamlines Waste Disposal for Largest Supplier of Motive Power in the Midwest

Industrial battery suppliers offer a wide range of services. Not only do they sell, rent, and repair their products, they offer comprehensive maintenance programs to keep their stock running smoothly and efficiently. One major Midwestern supplier of industrial batteries came to Battery Handling Systems, Inc. (BHS) with a common battery maintenance problem: they needed a better system for safely disposing of the hazardous waste water from battery washes. Every battery in the company’s sizeable fleet must be washed periodically to prevent self-discharge and maintain a reliable power output. Additionally, many of the company’s clients depend on them to wash their batteries on-site, without having to ship stock to another facility for service. During the peak season, industrial battery washing can… Continue Reading

BHS Battery Room Floors and System Stands Increase DC Productivity, Avoid Downtime

The BHS Supplier Program provides total solutions for forklift battery rooms, including consultation, site analysis, equipment sales, and installation. BHS battery room specialists maintain close contact with companies after the battery room is complete, ensuring optimal battery room functionality during day-to-day operation. Occasionally, clients ask their BHS Supplier Teams to address problems in battery charging areas built by competitors. This was the case in 2014, when a multinational Fortune 500 company asked BHS to investigate battery room conditions at one of their major North American distribution centers (DCs). The Problem: BHS Products Discussed in This Case Study BHS Battery Room Floors Exceptional flatness and levelness 10,000 lb/in2 capacity Resistant to acid, abrasions, and impact BHS System Stands Heavy duty steel… Continue Reading

BHS and Local Dealer Team Up to Make Battery Changes 9 Times Faster

Many BHS solutions start when a frustrated facility manager contacts an equipment dealership to discuss problems in the battery room. Dealers are a crucial first point of contact for these customers, and BHS offers unprecedented support to empower members of their dealer network with the most relevant, up-to-date knowledge about available battery room solutions. BHS nurtures relationships with dealers by offering 24-hour support and robust training resources, including the BHS Sales Academy, the BHS Service School, and a Mobile Showroom where customers can learn about BHS products firsthand. In 2010, the strong partnership between BHS and one of their dealers — Magnum Industrial Power, based in Lawson, Missouri — helped a major 3PL firm solve the productivity problems that were… Continue Reading