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System Stands

Heavy-duty, steel-constructed System Stands provide comprehensive battery storage solutions for forklift fleets of any size. In combination with an Operator Aboard Battery Extractor, System Stands provide the central infrastructure for a safe, efficient, and reliable battery room.

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Forklift Battery System Stands for Faster, Safer Battery Changes

Forklift batteries must be securely stored while they charge, but they must also remain highly accessible to prevent lift truck inefficiencies. System Stands from BHS were designed expressly for the battery room, with an ideal balance between protecting investments and speeding up change-outs.

All System Stands feature welded steel frames with a durable powder coating that resists scratches and corrosion. Electrolyte slides harmlessly off stand surfaces to collect in integrated Drip Pans.

Battery beds are lined with poly-sleeved rollers that prevent sparking. Rollers are designed to resist electrolyte and reduce corrosive build-up, leading to longer, more dependable service. During change-outs, rollers reduce friction for smoother battery movement into and out of lift truck compartments.

A slight rearward pitch and flip-up battery stops ensure retention, even when exposed to heavy vibrations. Redundant methods of retention keep staff and equipment safe and allow users to take advantage of vertical space for battery storage, as in Double, Triple, and Quad Stack System Stands.

Forklift Battery System Stands for Any Application

While the combination of System Stands and Operator Aboard Battery Extractors are ideal for large-scale forklift fleets, System Stands integrate seamlessly with virtually any battery handling system designed for side-extraction. Modular design allows users to install what they need, where they need it, providing dependable storage for any number of forklift batteries.

To learn more about System Stands and how they fit into a comprehensive forklift battery room, call the BHS sales department at +1 314 423 2075.