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HBS Hardwood Battery Stations

Hardwood Battery Stations


BHS Hardwood Battery Stations (HBS) are an ideal battery storage solution for BHS Gantry Cranes and other overhead extraction applications. These rugged stations have a heavy-duty frame and a powder-coat finish for added durability.

The station’s recycled polyethylene decking is acid-resistant, nonconductive, and environmentally friendly. A tapered dust rail in the center of the stand prevents accumulation of debris and residue.

Corner-formed Drip Pan Kits are available to catch spilled electrolyte and protect warehouse floors from pitting and corrosion. These custom-fitted pans slide in and out for quick and easy maintenance.

A charger shelf comes standard on all models of the HBS. Anchoring slots fit most models of chargers and Cable Retractor mounting holes aid in cable management.

Models are available with a variety of shelf widths and can be custom-built to your specifications. Call +1 314 423 2075 to speak to our sales team or to find a local dealer.

  • Heavy duty frame construction for added reliablity
  • Charger shelf standard on all models
  • Decking made of recycled polyethylene is acid resistant, nonconductive and environmentaly friendly
  • Custom-built models made to your specificications
  • 12″ (305 mm) standard height from floor to top of plastic interlay
  • CR-1 Cable Retractor mounting holes
  • SB connector mounting holes
  • Charger shelves come slotted allowing for optional 6″ (152 mm) shelf extension between stands
  • Charger anchoring slots for securing most makes of chargers
  • Drip pans available
  • Dust rail constructed at tapered angle in center of stand preventing accumulation of debris
Charger Shelf Rearward (HBS-RWD)
Increases overhead access to the hardwood deck
Charger Shelf Forward (HBS-FWD)
Space saving shelf design for battery rooms where space is limited
Charger Shelf Center (HBS-CTR)
Required for 3-ton systems
Drip Pan Kit (DP)
Contains spills maintaining a more clean and safe environment
Without Charger Shelf (-1)
When ordering, add suffix -1 to model number to indicate HBS without charger shelf
Deck Sideways (-WS)
For use with narrow batteries to prevent tipping
Note: Add suffix -WS to model number when ordering
Extended Deck Depth (-WS-46)
Increases deck depth to 46″ (1168 mm) and decking material is installed sideways
Note: Add suffix -WS-46 to model number when ordering
  • HBS-30
  • HBS-42
  • HBS-60
  • HBS-72
  • HBS-84
  • HBS-96
  • HBS-108
  • HBS-120
  • HBS-144