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BS-OF Adjustable Height Battery Stands

Adjustable Height Battery Stands


The Adjustable Height Battery Stand (BS-OF) provides a safe and durable storage location for forklift batteries. Constructed with heavy-duty steel, the BS-OF is conveniently built to store up to two batteries. Each of the two compartments has seven spark-proof, poly-sleeved rollers to reduce corrosive buildup, assist with change-out, and extend product life.

The threaded rod feet are positioned on the outside of the frame, allowing the roller height to be adjusted from 4 inches to 13 inches (102 millimeters to 330 millimeters). The removable auxiliary backstop, adjustable in six positions, provides compartment depths from 18 inches to 49.5 inches (457 millimeters to 1257 millimeters). The BS-OF is the perfect solution for battery storage maintenance needs.

Adjustable Height Battery Stands are built to withstand the unique conditions of a forklift battery room, with steel construction and an acid-resistant powder coating. Contact our sales team at +1 314 423 2075 to learn more about the Adjustable Height Battery Stand and other Battery Room products.

  • Two battery compartments
  • Spark-proof, poly-sleeved rollers reduce corrosive build-up and extend product life
  • Hitch pin-secured roller axles for ease of maintenance
  • Rearward-pitched battery slots to assist in battery retention
  • Threaded rod outboard feet with adjustable roller height from 4” to 13” (102 mm to 330 mm)
  • Seven rollers per compartment
  • Adjustable backstop provides compartment depths from 18” to 49.5” (457 mm to 1257 mm)
  • “-R” models include battery compartment dividers for additional vertical safety
  • BS15-2-OF (Two 15″ Wide Roller Compartments)
  • BS15-2-OF-R (Two 15″ Wide Roller Compartments, Battery Compartment Dividers included)
  • BS18-2-OF (Two 18″ Wide Roller Compartments)
  • BS18-2-OF-R (Two 18″ Wide Roller Compartments, Battery Compartment Dividers included)