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Full Line of Products from BHS

BHS, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of custom material handling, electrical handling, and forklift battery handling equipment based in St. Louis, MO, USA. BHS tailors its industry-leading products to customer specifications, focusing on enhancing ergonomics and productivity while providing a complete set of solutions for clients in a variety of industries.

Battery Handling Equipment

BHS offers battery handling equipment for operations of all sizes. Industry-focused engineering, high-quality materials, and ergonomic designs give you the exceptional results you need to optimize production while keeping your staff safe. Swap out forklift batteries in minutes to boost productivity with every lift truck in the fleet.

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Material Handling Equipment

Dependable warehouse equipment streamlines any material handling task for optimal safety, efficiency, and productivity. BHS offers an extensive line of heavy-duty products for industry, including specialized storage and lifting devices that provide crucial ergonomic benefits for staff.

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Electrical Handling Equipment

Electrical Equipment from BHS is designed to provide safe and efficient transport of electrical supplies such as cable, wire, spools, reels or conduit. To store and distribute these materials efficiently, specialized handling equipment is required. By providing staff with equipment designed for the task, productivity will improve while staff enjoy ergonomic benefits.

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