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Battery Room Regulations and OSHA Battery Charging Requirements

There are many regulations regarding the safe operation of a battery room. A few examples, and how BHS helps your company comply to these regulations are listed below.

Occupational Safety & Health Administration

1910.132 – Personal Protective Equipment
Related Products: PK-1200
1910.133 – Eye & Face Protection
Related Products: PK-1200
1910.151 – Medical Services & First Aid
Related Products: SEW-500, PEW-700, EW-300, MEW-300, BES-1
1910.157 – Fire Protection
Related Products: FE-20
1926.28 – General Safety and Health Provisions
Related Products: PK-1200
1926.441 – Batteries & Battery Charging
Related Products: System Stands with Drip Pan & UP-424, EW-300, MEW-300, PEW-700, SEW-500, BES-1, Battery Room Floor, CR-1, CR-M, CWB, CR-MT, CCR-12HD, BRVS, HEF-KIT
For a guide on battery room regulations in the U.S. download our Battery Room Survey.
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The items referenced above are intended to assist meeting the regulations referenced therein. Government regulations applicable to the use of BHS’ products vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. This survey should not be considered an exhaustive list of applicable regulations in your area. It is the responsibility of the end user to verify and maintain full compliance with all applicable regulations. Please consult legal counsel to determine the regulations applicable to your facility.